Welcome to our boutique hair salon, where the artistry of hair meets the warmth of home.
Nestled in the heart of Bishopdale, Christchurch,
Our salon is becoming the haven for those seeking personalised and luxurious hair care experiences.
With a deep understanding of the complexities that hair can be, our specialist team are dedicated to helping you achieve your ultimate hair goals.


We are delighted to introduce our owner Nickki 

With Nickki's guidance and expertise, Karamella Hairdressing has become a hub of creativity, and exceptional customer service. She has cultivated an environment that fosters growth, continuous education, and a commitment to understanding industry trends.

For Nickki its not just about Styling hair, its also about building connections, sharing stories and making you feel like family.

I invite you you step into our welcoming space, where your unique beauty is celebrated and cherished. 

Welcome to your home away from home. 






Introducing Our Curly Hair Specialist Natasha

We are thrilled to introduce our talented Curly Hair Specialist at Karamella Hairdressing.

Natasha deep appreciation for the uniqueness and beauty of curly hair, our specialist is dedicated to providing exceptional care and styling expertise specifically tailored for curly hair types. 

Natasha is passionate about helping clients embrace their natural curls and creating stunning hairstyles that enhance their individuality. She understands that curly hair requires unique techniques, products, and attention to detail to bring out its full potential.

At Karamella Hairdressing, we use top-quality, curl-friendly products to ensure optimal results. Our goal is not only to provide outstanding hairstyling services but also to educate and empower you to care for and style your curls at home.

Book an appointment with Natasha to fall in love with your hair and let Natasha guide you on the perfect solutions to help you attain your dream hair 







 Introducing Our Classic Hair Stylist Leigh

Leigh is our talented and experienced hair stylist who specializes in classic styling.
With a passion for creating timeless looks, Leigh is dedicated to helping you achieve an elegant and refined appearance.

Leigh's warm and friendly personality will make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your styling session. Their commitment to providing exceptional customer service means that your satisfaction is their top priority. 








 Introducing Our Blonde Hair Specialist Monique 

Get ready to experience the expertise of our exceptional Blonde Hair Specialist at Karamella Hairdressing. 

 With a deep understanding of the complexities of blonde hair, our specialist is dedicated to helping you achieve your ultimate blonde hair goals.

With Monique's attention to detail and precision, you can trust that your blonde hair will be expertly crafted to perfection. She will work closely with you, listening to your desires and offering professional advice to achieve your desired look while maintaining hair health and integrity.

 Book an appointment with Monique today and let her work some magic, creating a stunning and radiant blonde look that will make you feel fabulous.






Introducing Our Rich Bold Colour Stylist Belinda
Say hello to Belinda, our skilled and creative hair stylist who loves rich and bold colours. 
With a love for vibrant hues and transformations, Belinda is your go-to stylist for all your statement-making hair colour needs.
Belinda understands that bold hair colours are not just about fashion, but also a powerful form of self-expression. She is passionate about helping you find the perfect shade that reflects your personality and showcases your unique style.
Whether you're looking to push boundaries or simply want to add a touch of vibrancy to your style, Belinda is here to help.
Book an appointment today with our skilled and passionate rich bold colour stylist, and get ready to turn heads with your stunning and unique hair colour.