Booking with us is easy,  whether over the phone or on our easy to use booking app.
All of our services are grouped together for your convenience. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for please call us and we will be happy to help.
Also please note prices are 'From' which means prices may vary between Stylists and hair length and hair thickness.
Special Package Deals
New Client Deluxe Hair Treatment and Cut and Blow wave from $80
Luxurious Hair Mask applied at the basin with steaming hot towels for a relaxing Spa experience, scalp massage and then Your Haircut and Styling.

Haircuts & Styling
Lady Short Hair Cut and Styling from $75
Short hair for us is described as above the shoulders
and takes up to 45 mins
Lady Haircut and Long Hair Styling with Curls or Restyle Hair Styling from $90
Hair length lower than the shoulders shampooed, shaped and styled and curled.
This appointment can also be for a restyle, including time to show you how to maintain the hair and shape and takes up to 60 mins

Man Short Hair Cut and Style from $45
30 mins Mens short back and sides hair cut
Man Long Hair Cut and Style From $90
60 mins Mens long hair cut and styling 

Fringe Restyling/ Bangs from $20
fringe tidy up

Formal Hair up from $90
up to1 hour service

Wedding Hairup from $120

Wedding Hair Trial from $70
Wedding Hair Trial for the bride to be, consultation, hair updo, placement for adornments that will be placed in your hair on the day.

Short Hair Blow Wave from $45
This blow wave service is with a qualified Stylist
and is estimated to take 30 mins.
Please note there is no straightening or curling with this price.

Long Hair Blow Wave, Straight or Curls From $60 - $75
Full blow wave and straightening with qualified stylist
and is estimated to take 45 mins

Clipper Cut (Buzz cut) $28
Clippers used for haircut, no scissors at all. This is for simple clipper cut,
fades are speciality service and are priced and scheduled differently.

Foil Highlights
1/2 Head Classic Foils, Toner and Cut & B/W  
from $280
1/2 head classic foils, toner and ladies (above shoulders) haircut and styling

Full Head Classic Foils,  Toner, and Cut & B/W
 from $320
Full head classic foils, toner and ladies (above shoulders) haircut and styling

Maintenance Toner, Haircut & B/W
from $120
Toner refresh in-between visits and haircut and styling
Intense Blonde foils and Low Maintenance Foils are priced differently their timeframe for the service is different.
For a price guide we offer a FREE Consultation


Full Head lightening, Toner and Haircut & B/W
from $235
Retouch application lightener on scalp (less than 8 weeks regrowth) toner and cut and styling

Retouch Permanent Colour, Haircut & B/W
from $170

All Over Permanent Colour, Haircut & B/W
 from $200
All over colour for hair above the shoulders and haircut and styling

Retouch Permanent Colour & B/W 
from $135
Regrowth touch up (less than 8 week growth) and Blow Wave

Colour Retouch with Scattered Foils Toner and Haircut &B/W
 from $260
Scattered foils to the top of the hair and a
retouch base colour applied in-between, Toner and haircut and styling

In Salon Hair Treatments
Deluxe Mask & Hot Towel Hair Treatment
15 mins · $25
Bond Fusion Hair Rebuilding Treatment
from $50
Miracle Elixir Deluxe Treatment 
from $45
K18 Biometric Hair Mist and Mask
from $80
NEW: Cleanse Mist and Revive Mask 
from $65

PLEASE NOTE: Our in-salon treatments are not priced with a haircut and styling,
this is so you can add this on to your other service.